Finance the dream!


Breweries now have access to specialised finance options with BFL. Barrel Finance & Logistics (BFL) is a leading finance company for growing breweries, distilleries and wineries. BFL allows wineries, breweries and distillers to grow and develop their companies through the leasing and rental of equipment.

As a specialist finance business for the wine, beer and spirits industry BFL has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your needs and how you can have what you want now.

BFL has built strong relationships with industry leading product suppliers therefore we get the best and product deal for you.


BFL’s services have been built up over 15 years and can:

  • Qualify your application
  • Confirm your requirements
  • Provide a rental agreement
  • Provide short term loans
  • Provide brewing and equipment finance
  • Provide insurance premium funding
  • Provide wine equipment funding