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Fermentation Tanks, Brewhouse Vessels

Brewhouses, Fermentation Tanks, Unitanks, Brite Tanks and Grain Storage Silos

When your delicious beverages are flying out the door, selling themselves, you’ll need space for more… Our fermentation tanks, unitanks, brite tanks, grain storage silos and brewhouse vessels are designed to make your brewing or distillation process more streamlined. With effectively designed processing and containment solutions for food-and-beverage, dairy, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries, fermentation, serving and storage vessels can be slotted into your installation to keep production flowing.

From mash tuns, lauter tuns, kettle tuns, whirlpool tuns, to beverage fermentation, storage and grain silos our offerings are meticulously designed to optimise efficiency and quality throughout the brewing or distillation process. Entrust your brewing endeavors to our expertise, where we provide grain processing solutions that uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Brewing Vessels


The mash tun assumes a central role in the beer brewing process. Specifically engineered through controlled heating, out mash tuns foster optimal conditions for the creation of high-quality wort.


Integral to the brewing process, our lauter tuns operate as precision instruments for separating grains from the wort post-mashing. Our lauter tuns facilitate efficient draining of wort while retaining soluble grains such as starches and proteins underscoring their indispensable role in the brewery ecosystem.


Our kettle tuns serve a purpose in both brewing and distillation. Primarily tasked with heating water and dissolving malt extract, hops, and other ingredients to create wort, this apparatus lays the foundation for the entire brewing process. Moreover, in the realm of distillation, the kettle tun assumes the additional responsibility of heating the mash to a temperature conducive to the extraction of spirits.


A whirlpool tun stands as the final frontier in the beer brewing process, orchestrating the crucial separation of debris from wort post-boil. Leveraging the whirlpool effect, this specialised tank engenders the formation of a conical deposit, effectively segregating hop pellets and sediment from the wort, adding to the clarification of the final beverage product. The design and engineering applied to our whirlpool tuns are a testament to the quality of your product and your brand.


Our brewhouse vessels can be designed in different configurations, customised to your specific requirements. 2-vessel, 3-vessel or 4-vessel brewhouses utilise combinations of mash, lauter, kettle and whirpool tuns to suit your brewery capacity and available floor space.

Fermentation Tanks that Ensure Quality from Step One

Begin your brewing and distillation journey with our top-of-the-line fermentation tanks. Crafted with precision and engineered for efficiency, fermentation tanks are designed to ensure optimal conditions for yeast activity, leading to consistent and high-quality fermentations. Trust in our expertise to provide you with fermentation tanks that elevate the quality of your products from the very beginning.

Brite Tanks for Carbonated Perfection

Also known as serving tanks, our brite tanks are integral in achieving unparalleled clarity and quality in your beverages. Designed to carbonate and clarify your brews to perfection, brite tanks are the final step in the brewing process before packaging. With our expertise in engineering and our commitment to quality, our brite tanks ensure that your beverages shine bright with clarity and flavour.

Muliti-Purpose Unitanks for Fermenting & Carbonating

While brite tanks are a better choice for craft breweries producing larger scale beverage outputs, unitanks can benefit smaller brewery operations by providing carbonation in the same tank in which fermentation has occurred, while also allowing for removal of yeast. This relates directly to space, equipment and labour savings. Our unitanks ensure consistent results with every batch.

Beverage and Pharmaceutical Tanks and Storage Solutions

For beverage and pharmaceutical applications, we have multi-jacket tanks and precision-controlled cooling systems. Designed to meet the strictest standards of quality and safety, multi-jacket tanks ensure precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With our expertise in beverage and pharmaceutical processing, you can trust that your products are in safe hands.

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